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Ofer Keidar - Travel Photographer

My name is Ofer Keidar, I'm a travel photographer and a blogger from Tel Aviv, whose content has been published in major Israeli websites (such as Globes, MAKO, and Ynet).

My blog focuses on stories and images of people, cultures and interesting destinations.

Whether it's a story about tattoo culture in Cuba, an article about traditional temple lodging in Japan or Tel Aviv Pride Parades and LGBT community – I always give my readers a personal angle of the story and unique professional photos, leaving the reader feeling "I wish I was there".

This blog is a member of the Israeli Travel Bloggers group.


המצלמה מוסיפה חמישה קילו - בלוג הצילום של עפר קידר

I'm always open to hear about new collaboration with tourism boards, tour operators and travel agencies.

The blog appears on the first Google search result page for over 100 relevant search terms in Hebrew, and with a focused audience looking for information about their next travel destination – I'm open to many forms of collaborations, such as visual posts on my blog, commissioned guest posts, ad space, and press or fam. trips.

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המצלמה מוסיפה חמישה קילו - בלוג הצילום של עפר קידר


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