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Business Collaborations

The focus is on YOU

My blog is all about photography of people, cultures and interesting destinations. If you work for a tourism company – I'll be happy to talk to you, understand your goals and target audience, and discuss potential collaborations.

We can think together of many custom made collaborations, such as ads, landing pages in Hebrewcommissioned posts and Fam. trips

Collaborations in 2018

Uzbekistan 2018 - Promoting international destinations

A one week trip as part of an Israeli delegation of journalists and bloggers, hosted by Uzbekistan Ministry of Tourism. 

The deliverable for the Uzbekistan trip included:

  • A video that gained thousands of viewers on Facebook.
  • A set of blog posts.
  • Posts on closed Israeli Facebook travel groups (one of which with more than 200K followers)
  • A set of Instagram photos
  • Photos on an Israeli travel magazine (print).
  • A six page article I wrote for the in-flight magazine of Uzbekistan Airways.


Promoting local destinations in 2018

Your benefits

A great part of my readers are looking for ideas and information about their next travel destination. Others are interested in the personal story I come back with from each trip, or looking for photography tips. We can talk about all kinds of relevant collaborations, but mostly I do:

Promoting Travel Destination

Promoting Travel Destination

Promoting local and international tourist destinations for an Israeli audience.

Tour Services

Tour Services

Promoting specific attractions, tour operators, accommodations etc.

Photography Gear and Services

Photography Gear and Services

I enjoy experimenting with photography gear and try new photography services

A picture is worth a thousand words

Let's Collaborate

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